In the western edge of the province of Sān dǎo lies of the quiet village of Bǎochí ānjìng, a small agricultural place with a population of around 30. On it’s western side the village is shadowed by the cliffs which lead up to Mount Nà jiā (NAGA) and from which falls a beautiful waterfall, the source of water and irrigation for the village. 20071210065419170 s

Sān dǎo is ruled by the ruthless and impatient despot Emperor Liù hǔ who came to power after the imprisonment of the previous benevelant ruler Lóng lèi and the slaughter of his family.

The village of Bǎochí ānjìng has remained quite autonomous until recently when the town of Hēi mén, which lies around twelve miles through the bamboo forests, became the station for Liù hǔ’s guard. It is rumoured that they are searching for something but nobody knows exactly what or whether the rumours are actually true. The gaurd are reknowned for their haughtiness and how they look down upon the ‘peasantry’

Jiǔ gōngxūn, Qī guǐ, Sān dǎo, yī chéngbǎo

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