Jiǔ gōngxūn, Qī guǐ, Sān dǎo, yī chéngbǎo

The story so far
What's happening!

The young girl Shu was out picking herbs for her mother when she found the unconcious body of a man in rags and shackles. She rushed back home and with the help of some of the villagers she brought the man back. Two days had passed and the man did not regain conciousness, on the third there was an alert that the guard were on their way and that the man had finally come around but was still groggy. Shu was instructed by her mother to take the man to the lake a mile or so away.

Old man Ichi helped Shu and the man to the clearing. A group of vagabonds came to the lake to refill their water but were attacked by a giant spider, the noise of battle drew the guard to the clearing and after a great battle the only survivor appeared to be Shu. Jinjun a warrior on a pilgrimage to the shrine of the Jade Emperor at the town of Shàolín sì had also heard the commotion and rushed to the sounds of battle. When she got there she discovered an undead creature attacking a young girl and unconcious old man.


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