Jing Jing

Bright and clear. Jing Jing kind hearted fisher girl that became a paladin




Jing jing was bough up in a small fishing village where she was always know as the little helpful one. Learning that hard work of hand fills a belly and heart. The little helper was approached when she was young by a strange man that stank of fish. To be told that her fate will come to light when she makes the ultimate sacrifice. Even knowing this she did not lose her heart and joy of life.

Two years later Jing Jing saw a holy woman enter her village asking for sanctuary and after spending weeks of learning the holy woman named her the silken butterfly and taught her the sacred fan techniques. That night a Oni attacked the village and killed her teacher leaving Jing jing feeling at a loss. But it did not last long as she took the armour of the holy woman and weapons to track the oni. The path ended when she came across the old man that told her destiny and a young girl Shu with dark eyes.

Jing jing tries to never kill humans. As all life is sacred. She will even heal enemy combatants if they surrender. Always believes that they can be redeemed. Not so much luck for onis or demons. She will slay them even at cost to her self. Currently one of her companions the girl she calls “little sister” is possessed and she is seeking a cure for her or draw the demon out forever without harming the girl.

On the reverse relm she is a shinning beacon. Much to everyone’s surprise only her armour changes. It takes the form of a golden radiant dragon/Oni but inside she is the same apart from a obvious glow. Her heart sets her apart from from the cold world.

Jing Jing

Jiǔ gōngxūn, Qī guǐ, Sān dǎo, yī chéngbǎo Garrison